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Before work on the project begins, 50% of the Invoice total is charged upfront to serve as the non-refundable kill fee.

*DO NOT* pay the full price of the design before the project has been completed! 

In the event that the full price of the project has been paid in advance the client, In agreement with this invoice, is not entitled to receive a refund.


When it comes to revisions I, as the designer, quote anywhere between 10% to 50% of the individual design prices at my discretion depending on the intricacy of said design and how drastic the requested change is. 

Revisions may be and normally are avoided when the client adheres to the outlined design process steps, and follows them as recommended by the designer. 

In etiquette of client-designer relations respect, understand, and be aware of the clarity of your communication as the client, respect the choices that I make as the designer and simultaneously respect the incursion of revisions that may arise.

Revisions are not free and are solely at the request of the client. After multiple revisions be aware that as the client you will be subject to higher rated revision quotes. If I, as the designer, make the decision to provide free revisions that is at my discretion alone and does not alter the statement "Revisions are not free"


[1] We create a taste profile for you. What this means is you create a blurb for what you want to convey with the project design, after that you send me 5 to 10 designs, images, or videos you feel are similar to what you are already looking for (These are things you pull from google images or sketch ideas that you've taken pictures of [which are even better], These can be visually, thematically, emotionally or functionally appealing)

[2] After [1] I, as the designer, will take the taste profile you've made and do more research of my own and come back to you, the client, with recommendations and conceptual foundations to move forward with at your discretion.

[3] Once both client and designer settle on the project foundation I, as the designer will open up a *design process document*. Within that I'll sketch out and mock-up approximately 3 iterations of our agreed upon concept (sometimes more).  From those 3 I will recommend the best one, but ultimately you, as the client, will decide which one works best for your vision.

This is the first spot where the client is able to quote for a revision, normally in the event that none of the iterations [sketched and mocked up concepts] are working. In the event of a revision both client and designer will reconvene to discuss changes to the project and revision pricing.

[4] From this stage forward I, as the designer will proceed to finish the design, after-which I will send you a watermarked and or low-quality preview of the project in it's completed state

This is another point to ask for a revision quote [generally if there's been a huge change in the client's "vision"]

[5] Once I receive the final payment I will then send a project package in a ZIP file. This will include all project files, and the final rendered file in whatever format the client requests. [Delivery Method and Final Project format can be changed at request of the client]

*The above outlined process may and will vary from client to client*


*In the event that the client decides to cancel the design agreement the 50% upfront partial payment serves as a "Kill Fee" and is non-refundable*

*Updates to the Invoice are the result of revision requests made by the client, which are then quoted by the designer and subsequently agreed upon by the client*


*90 days - provisionally*

This contract is on-going to it's completion.

*The contract will expire in the event that the client does not respond to the designer within span of the 30 days since the client's last response.*

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